Using Reminders does a lot of the work of organizing and presenting contests in a way that frees you from manually having to keep track of everything. However, you’ll still run across things that we can’t automatically handle. For example:

  • A site may require that you return to a particular page on a particular date to see if you’ve won.
  • Some contests require that you watch a TV show to acquire a key word or phrase.
  • Some contests may not fall into the reguar ‘monthly’, ‘weekly’, ‘daily’ categories that we use.’s Reminders function was created to deal with these situations. You can add a Reminder for a contest at any time by clicking on the “New Reminder” button in the contest details window. You then get to specify:

  • the date that the reminder is due
  • some text that will remind you of the meaning of the reminder (i.e. “Watch Global News at 6pm”)
  • the URL, if applicable, to indicate a web page that you should visit
  • whether or not you want an e-mail reminder

Any time you view that contest’s details from that point forward, you will be able to see that the reminder has been recorded. To see all of your active reminders, you can click the “Reminders” button in the main contest list window.

Every morning at 6am, goes through all the reminders and e-mails the ones that are due that day to you. This way you don’t have to do anything. Just add the reminder and then forget about it until you get the e-mail. Simple and effective!


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