Another Day, Another Batch of Changes

March has been a very busy month for, so it’s fitting that I’ve just completed a new set of changes on the last day before we move into April.

Before I get to what was changed, though, I want to give credit to LookContests member Ron for suggesting all of these improvements. He sent me a great list of enhancements this morning and I was more than happy to implement them as soon as possible. I hope to hear lots more from Ron and from everyone else as well. With feedback like this, the site will continue to get better and better.

So, here are the changes:

  • The default view when you go to “Today’s Contests” is now “New”, which by default will display any contest that has been added since you last signed into
  • On a similar subject, if you don’t like the fact that a contest is considered new only if it’s been added since your last visit, you can now go to Settings and change it. For example, if you want any contest added in the past week to be flagged as new regardless of when you last signed in, you can go to Settings, un-check the box labelled “Only contests created since my last login are new” and enter 7 in the box labelled “Contests are new for this many days“.
  • When adding a new contest, you are now prompted to enter the URL first. If the URL already exists in our database, you are notified that the contest likely already exists. This should help prevent duplicate entries. If it really is a new contest with the same URL, you can still choose to proceed.
  • Each contest listing has a small “+” sign that you can click to see more details. Perhaps you’d rather have the details shown by default rather than having to click to see them? In that case, go to Settings and check the box labelled “Expand listings by default“.
  • The Activity Log now shows you today’s activity automatically. You can still change the dates to choose any time period that you like.




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